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Последнее изменение: 2014-10-20

Время песни: 04:15

Песня называется: I Think I'm Going Insane

Музыкант: Brokencyde


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Текст песни:

Oh im not addicted to drugs.
Im addicted to being hurt.
I know it may seem bezerk,
but not of these stress releavers work.

Poppin pill after pill,
trying to get my head straight.
Trying to overpower the pain untill the next day.

But it aint happenin.
Im an addict that's half asleep,
while the other half of me is trapped in a series of bad dreams.
My current position was trippin on shrooms and acid caps,
Untill my eyes collapsed,
and suicide was an aftermath.

Im falling down,
erasing memories you gave to me.
I'm still alive,
and nothing you can say can make me breathe.
So please take away the pain that hurts me.
I dont wana be alone and thirsty.
So many drugs to push the pain i have intrapped in me,
Cause i dont wana live my life inside the fantasy.
So please take away the pains that fills me.
I dont wana be the one that kills me.
I cant take this pain cause im dying.!
I cant close my eyes cause im crying.!
Cause these pills are takin over my brain.
Side effects causes pain,
i think im going insane.(INSANE)X2

I guess im insane,indeed.
Cause no matter what the fuck i do,
you never seem happy.

to stronger drugs,
larger quantities.
Killing myself constantly,
my eyes start to bleed.
The feeling of being alive,
just isnt enough.
Surenges i stuff with herione,
im feeling the rush.

Inside of veins,
and my brains fried
from filling to much,
with drugs.
And im willing to crush,
my chances of being in love.


Maybe because you amde me that way,
turned me into a monster i would have never became.
Creating thoughts of dying eventually severed my brain,
irrated my vains,
intoxicated my system.
It went on for days,
i had prayed for some wisdom.

I wanted your fucking opinion,
so im makign you listen.
Listen to all the pain i've been feelings recently.
Killed myself and only now do you realize that you miss me..


Brokencyde - I think i'm going insane(lyrics)


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