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Последнее изменение: 2014-08-09

Время песни: 02:57

Песня называется: Mary Mack

Музыкант: Carbon Leaf


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Текст песни:

(для развития и автоматизации фонетических навыков))
There is a little girl and her name is Mary Mac,
Make no mistake, she's the one I'm going to tak',
And a lot of other fellas, they would soon be on her track,
But I'm thinkin' that they'd have to get up early.

Mary Mac's mother's making Mary Mac marry me,
My mother's making me marry Mary Mac,
I'm goin' to marry Mary for my Mary to take care o' me;
We'll all be feelin' merry when I marry Mary Mac.

This little lass she has got a lot of class,
She's got a lot of brass; her father thinks I'm gas,
And I'd be a silly ass for to let the matter pass,
Her father thinks I'm goin' with her fairly.


Now Mary and her mother go an awful lot together,
In fact, you hardly ever see the one without the other,
And people wonder whether it is Mary or her mother,
Or the pair o' them together that I'm courtin'.


The wedding's on a Wednesday, and everything's arranged,
Soon I'm going to be her man unless her mind is changed,
With makin' the arrangements I'm just about deranged,
For marriage is an awful undertaking.


It's going to be a grand affair, grander than a fair,
Theres's going to be a coach and pair for every pair that's there,
The eatin' will be great and I'll be sure to get my share,
If I don't, well I'll be very much mistaken.


Carbon Leaf - Mary Mac


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