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Хиты: 257

Последнее изменение: 2015-05-11

Время песни: 02:46

Песня называется: Mind, body and soul

Музыкант: Joss Stone


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Joss Stone lyrics - Mind, Body & Soul lyrics - Untitled Hidden Track lyrics
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Rated 31 times: 84%
Lyrics submited by: Kerry
Last corrected by: Heather

He shares my blood
He holds my soul
>Will he ever know, ever know
He's cutting his own skin

He's my brother
Comes straight from my mother
He's stronger than he thinks he is
Let him know, let him know

I pray to God, will he help him
Does he deserve this? I dont know
At times he comes across selfish
But he ain't a bad person, this I know

His lies, his cheats, his stealing
Makes me cry till I stop breathing
He simply lost his mind
Lord, Im asking you Lord, will you help him find it?

>All is said, find a will and you'll find a way
I live by that each and every day
Daniel would you listen to the words I say
Writing this was harder than you'd ever think

You got a heart
You got a mind
You got a soul
And your eyes are kind
Your eyes are kind, and your eyes are kind

>Daniel would you listen to the words I say
Writing this was harder than you'd ever think


JOSS STONE Mind Body & Soul Sessions NYC Full Performance


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