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Последнее изменение: 2014-09-02

Время песни: 03:48

Песня называется: That Year

Музыкант: Abi Edwards


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Текст песни:

Sam's POV. That year he spent alone must've been tough...

I’ve got no one, I don’t know where to go
Dean, I tried, but I’m so alone

Dean, I’m sorry it couldn’t go the way we planned, yeah,
I mean, I know you’re stuck in purgatory and I’m so sorry I didn’t carry on, no
But you left me all alone, you’re with Cas, and I have got no home
I mean, what am I supposed to do without you? I’m so lost I just can’t do this, no

I thought if I just stopped running, stop caring if I died
I could get up, get out, never said I didn’t try to do this alone
But it’s just too much and it’s just too hard,
Without you Dean, and without dad
To fight when I got nothing to fight for

I should’ve saved you, I should’ve saved you
If I’d have known you were coming back to me,
I would’ve never abandoned my family

I prayed to God to return you to me
But then I moved on, moved on from your memory
I built a life without you there
Never before had I been so scared
Without you

I had no one, I had nowhere to go
But now you’re back, Dean


Abi Edwards - Supernatural (E.T. Parody)

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