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Anya Marina: Not A Through Street OST Supernatural, скачать быстро и легко, слушать в mp3, текст песни, а так же видео клип

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Последнее изменение: 2015-02-15

Время песни: 03:44

Песня называется: Not A Through Street (OST Supernatural)

Музыкант: Anya Marina


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Текст песни:

I don't remember much of anything
Of those years,
Kind of strange and kind of sad
Considering all the laughs
and all the tears.
Could it be this quiet cul-de-sac
Or the cynical moon?
Could it be the neighbor's cat watching
Me from the living room?

Either way, these days I feel so strange.
I remember you; so strange.
Do you remember me secretly?

So I comb the depths of the ocean floor
Of my memory; grasping onto some
Shell, some piece some evidence
Of you and me:
Sunlight streams in morning
Your head in the sheets
Dancing naked in the living room
(I still practice secretly).

I remember you secretly.
Do you remember me secretly?
I remember you secretly.
Do you remember me secretly?

You're a mile away
On your island, so close
Doing who knows what
With who-knows-who
Haphazard lovers don't
Seem to drown out your tune
It goes for me anyway
I don't know about you.


supernatural 5 season soundtrack - 04.Anya Marina-Not A Through


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