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Последнее изменение: 2015-05-24

Время песни: 03:21

Песня называется: TRIPLEX - Бригада



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Текст песни:

This is a true story about a genesis of russian criminal world
-Ok, listen to me boys. Just don't get me wrong
Once upon a time in the end of the Perestroika
Russian boy Alexander White come home from the Soviet Army
His girl betray him and she is sleeping with a bandit
Alexander White was very angry but he had faithful schoolmates
The Space, The Bee, and The Boxer Phil
They shut the bandit and so they becomes the bandits too
Our bandits come to Moscow aluminium oligarh and say:
- Now we are your roof
Aluminium oligarh was very afraid and disappear
White and his friends become owners of the big aluminium bussiness
And they get very big money
They virgest luxurious cars Mercedes-Benz
And they play for the Joke many young bandits
And they become the Kings of Life
Alexander fall in love with beautiful girl who was playing a violine
And his friend The Space fall in love with cocain
- I'm talking seriously. They will shoot me, but the bullet can hit you
-Alexander, this is our common business
-We are together since first class
-And all we do is our common responsibility

But nobody loves another's success
All the russian bandits want to kill Alexander White and his friends
And they put a explosives into Mercedes-Benz
The car was destroyed but Alexander White is alive
because his friend Phis saved him. Phil got in to the coma
It was a revenge of former militia man who was a brother
of the bandit killed in beginning of this fantastic motion picture
But Alexander White and his friends continues business
They meet middle-asia drug dealer who was Alexander's big friend
when they was a soviet soldiers in the soviet army they were smoking marijuana
The same time officers wanted to get control over Alexander White and his friends
This was a very complicated situation... Yes

Alexander White understanded: only the political activity can saves the criminal business
And Alexander become a deputy of Russian Parlament
But his enemies don't sleep, they killed Alexander's friends Phil, The Space and The Bee
and lowly opponity makes his big decision He sends his family to some country of world
and declaires total deathmatch vendetta on his enemies
-Blood, will some russian televisions saids
-Mother darling, it's a fun to live in Russia. Fun


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